Hero tradies help in Marong arrest

Hero tradies help in Marong arrest

POLICE have praised the actions of two good Samaritans who helped restrain and arrest a man after an alleged assault on a police officer in Marong yesterday.

A 48-year-old man will face the Bendigo Magistrates Court for the assault of a police officer and attempted theft of police car keys.

It’s alleged the man resisted arrest before launching a brazen attack on an officer on Allies Road, near the Calder Freeway, just before 10am. Sergeant Geoff Annand, from the Bendigo Traffic Management Unit, said the man wrestled the officer to the ground.

“The officer identified himself and attempted to apprehend the man,” he said.

“The male then attempted to reach over and take the keys out of the ignition of the police car.

“He was resisting police vigorously before the officer stepped out of his car and was tackled to the ground by the side of the road.”

Sergeant Annand said the officer waved for help to passing cars during the brawl. “Two young tradesmen were driving past and stopped to help restrain the man,” he said.

‘‘They helped hold the man down until his hands could be handcuffed.

“It’s not often we have to call to passers-by to assist in an arrest, but we certainly appreciate it when they do.”

The policeman suffered a swollen hand and fingers, cuts and grazes in the incident.

Inspector Mark Edwards yesterday said the policeman was an experienced leading senior constable.

“He is extremely grateful to the two men who helped him out,’’ he said.

Two back-up police units were called to the incident before the 48-year-old man was taken to Bendigo police station for questioning.

Police are continuing their investigations into the circumstances leading up to the attack on the officer.

The two tradesmen who helped the officer gave a statement to police last night.