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Every big milestone in your life needs to be celebrated. Why? Because it's the big moments we remember: how we felt, who was there and what it looked like. And that's where Stretched Events comes in.

Based in Melbourne they help you deliver outstanding experiences in spaces that drop jaws. And it all started with two little words: "I do".

Planning a wedding is no mean feat - just ask Troy. The idea for Stretched Events came out of planning his own nuptials. He wanted it to be authentic, personal and spectacular - not just for him and his partner, but for everyone invited. And boy, was it a mission! Luckily for Troy, he could draw on his construction background and knew what to look for in an event tent.

With 15 years of building experience - and a strong eye for detail - he quickly figured out that what he wanted didn't exactly exist. Most of the tent companies he spoke to were slow to respond, didn't factor in his ideal location and weren't thinking about the 'big picture'.

Stretched Events is your best mate when it comes to celebrating life's big moments

Troy and Tim

So, he decided to do something about it. Troy launched Stretched Events in 2012 and it went off with a bang! They brought festivals, weddings, conferences and long lunches to life in surprising and often stunning landscapes. Their passion for producing high-quality, memorable events was infectious. Meanwhile, Tim was off living a different, but parallel kind of life.

Tim's love of momentous events came from 10 years of hitting the local and global music and arts festival circuit. For New Year's Eve in 2015, Tim and a group of his friends decided to create a summer festival in South Australia.

Nestled in the sand dunes, the dry and barren desert landscape wasn't going to provide any shade or protection from the harsh Australian sun, so the crew invested in a stretch tent and turned it into the festival's community kitchen and chillout zone.

Buying and hiring stretch tents soon became Tim's passion. So when he and Troy crossed paths, they bonded over their shared experiences and became good mates, ready to turn Stretched Events into something bigger and better: Stretched Events Tent Hire.

While the events industry will continue to change, what will stay the same is this: events are LIFE, and Stretched Events is your best mate when it comes to celebrating life's big moments. Call 0448 222 293, or visit