Sustainable House Day invitation

Most people want to save energy, and the money they spend on their steadily rising energy bills.

Have you heard of Passiv haus? These are houses that are very well sealed and have very high insulation values. Inside these houses the temperature remains cool in summer and warm in winter and they have a constant temperature all year round.

You can see the solutions for a sustainable house at Bendigo Sustainable house day where everyone is invited to come and see houses and gardens that are walking the talk.

"We have a really terrific mix of old and new homes, architect designed and retrofitted houses," Bendigo Sustainable day organiser Liz Martin said.

"We have a lovely straw bale Passiv haus and we have someone from the Passive House association to answer any questions as well as the architect of one of our passive houses."

There are four workshops on the day and each one will have an expert to answer questions. In the new build section there is a builder, and several lovely new builds or eco builds, who can tell you what they love about their houses and what it is like to live in a sustainable house.

There is also a workshop on refitting , repurposing and recycling and expert advice on what is available from Anna at The Salvage Yard in Castlemaine.

"You can learn tips from some expert gardeners too; it is all about the soil. There is composting too, but also growing native gardens and which plants work well around Bendigo," Liz adds.

It is only $10 to attend the whole day. Tickets at or go to

Program is online here