Gymnasts tumble into challenge top 10

It was a case of 10-out-of-10 in the top 10 when a group of young Bendigo gymnasts competed at the Spring Aerochallenge in Melbourne recently.Aged between eight and 18, the 10 gymnasts were judged against girls preparing for the national championships, with three girls placing in the top three in their division and all 10 finishing in the top 10 of their divisions.Madeleine Churchill, 13, won her individual division, while Keziah Roessler, 11, was placed second and Amelia Cartledge finished third in the eight year-old division.Nine-year-old Kaitlyn Rosendale came fourth in her individual division, while in the pairs competition Madeleine and Keziah performed strongly to finish in second place.In the senior pairs, Clare Bracey and Emily Jones finished fifth, Jorja Ermel and Monique Stokie finished 10th, while Jemima Brown and Emma Jenkyn finished 10th in the intermediate pairs.Palmer’s Gym Sports aerobic coach Sally Cartledge said the girls train up to four nights a week.“I’m extremely proud, especially since the girls just started this year,” Cartledge said. Cartledge praised the girls’ dedication, enthusiasm and wonderful performances.“The girls have already started on working on new routines for next year and are very excited to get back into competitions in the new year,” she said.Each competitor performed routines of between one and one-and-a-half minutes of sports aerobics with each routine required to demonstrate push-ups, high leg kicks and jumping jacks.They also perform a selection of splits, presses, jumps and aerobic moves.