Technology is essential

The best technology is essential for learners

IF there's one thing that 2020 proved beyond any doubt it's that students/learners need access to at least some level of technology in order to keep up with their studies.

You don't want to get left behind for want of access to education in the various mediums through which your courses may now be delivered.

However, sourcing all the necessary hardware is sometimes tricky, if not costly. So what do you really need for that new course?

A laptop (or device) is the most basic essential but there are a few things to consider. Netbooks are smaller than notebooks for instance, but in terms of what to choose, older students are probably better off with a laptop.

Home internet and a Wi-Fi router are the best way to provide internet to your device. Using your phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot will do at a pinch, as long as your signal is always strong, your plan allows lots of data, and you're always around. Internet access has proven to be the most essential technology you will always need.