Anzac anthem to stay

THE Queen will still be remembered during Bendigo’s Anzac Day services, with no plans to dump the playing of God Save The Queen.Bendigo RSL president Cliff Richards said the anthem was a tradition that would this year and into the future despite the Melbourne Anzac Day organising committee dropping it from their order of service.“The (Bendigo) Anzac Day march committee hasn’t made the decision . . . but as president I would be insisting we have to play God Save The Queen,” Mr Richards said.“I was at Anzac House (Tuesday) and they said lots of younger people at the services don’t know it, and that may be the case.“It will be our decision to continue.”The Victorian RSL made the decision to drop God Save The Queen from Melbourne’s order of service after feedback from the community and consultation with veterans.They said the question of why it was played was often raised and that it was no longer relevant.Mr Richards said it was a tradition that went back to when soldiers fought for the queen, or king, and country.“Soldiers fought under the flag and the Queen God Save The Queen is a tradition with veterans,” he said.“There are lots of traditions and there’s no reason why it won’t be played.”Mr Richards said it still had strong meaning in the community.“When God Save The Queen is played the older people stand up straighter and sing along.“You could ask 100 different people and get 100 different answers about what God Save The Queen means to them. It’s in our program so it will be played - it’s special for us.”