Empowering Youth series | Follow the Intrepid Landcare path and volunteer for the environment

Victoria has a target of five million Victorians acting to protect the natural environment by 2037.

Landcare is a national movement of motivated volunteers who form groups and networks to get stuff done.

It's also a space to gain real connections, understand the landscape around you and be part of the action.

Sometimes an invitation or a welcome face at the door is all anyone needs to discover the magic of the Landcare movement.

"The door is wide open and younger people are so very welcome to be part of what we're doing," Regional Landcare Coordinator,Tess Grieves said.

"Donate an hour or an afternoon and see how Landcare could quench your volunteering curiosity."

A recent initiative focussing on youth engagement is Intrepid Landcare.

Intrepid Landcare is a place where young people (late teens to thirties) can come together and create the change they want to see in the world. Intrepid Landcare provides a common space to inspire, connect and empower young people to do stuff that matters.

"We just so happen to have a keen tribe of Intrepid Landcare on our doorstep. In 2019 we formed the Mount Alexander region Intrepid Landcare Tribe - and we'd love you to be part of it," Tess said.

Since 1986, Landcare has grown and shifted to reflect the people and ideas of those involved.

At Landcare they welcome new faces, of every age, with open arms - so why not check out where your closest group is, and find out how your skills, passion and interest can help a local group flourish.

People join Landcare as they want to take action and support community led projects that focus on protecting natural environments, promoting sustainable agriculture, encouraging community wellbeing and education and address climate change.

Environmental volunteers may have a connection to a special place, a local area, a protected area, national park, river, wildflower or favourite native animal.

According to DELWP's environmental volunteering survey conducted in June 2018, most people get involved to help the natural environment and all forms of plant and animal life, give something back and to gain a sense of satisfaction.

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