Glitch makes myki a bit dear

BENDIGO residents may be among myki users overcharged in a transport fare system glitch.Myki, a new public transport ticketing system, is in use in Bendigo, Ballarat, Geelong and Seymour.Transport Ticketing Authority media relations manager Adrian Darwent confirmed about 100 people had been overcharged.However, he was unable to say whether those affected lived in Bendigo.“The way the call centre cares for customers . . . it’s based around the (myki) card and the customer,” Mr Darwent said.“So if the customer does not offer up where they are from, we have no idea where they are calling from.”Mr Darwent said anyone who had been overcharged would be reimbursed.“Of the more than 20,000 mykis sold, there have been about 100 instances where people have touched off at the end of their journey and then accidentally touched back on again (causing them to be overcharged).“There is a very small instance of this occurring.”Mr Darwent said the Transport Ticketing Authority was working on a change to the system to prevent the problem happening in future.He could not say when the change would be implemented.The Transport Ticketing Authority is also checking all customer accounts for overcharging.Myki customers can check whether they have been overcharged by contacting the call centre on 136 954 or by checking their account online if their card is registered.The official website says: “Myki is Victoria’s new ticketing system. Myki replaces the Metcard and V/Line ticketing systems, including the paper tickets currently used on Victoria’s public transport system.“Myki is a durable, reusable smart card that stores money, travel days or both.“Simply keep myki topped up and use it again and again on your public transport service.”