The little clues your baby is sending you during pregnancy

SOLVE THE MYSTERY: What are the little clues your baby is giving you in utero? Photo: Shutterstock
SOLVE THE MYSTERY: What are the little clues your baby is giving you in utero? Photo: Shutterstock

WHEN the midwife said how many times I should feel my baby moving each day, I laughed.

"It's moved more than that in the time it took you to say that sentence," I told her, before relaying how I had to hide my belly under the desk during work meetings due to the big kicks distracting everyone.

Through the rest of the pregnancy, I wondered if my baby was giving me a clue about its personality: would it be this energetic once it was born?

During each ultrasound, I became more suspicious as the radiographers exclaimed at the bounciness of this one.

I suspected my baby might be one of those people who's eternally full of beans.

She was - and is.

My little one couldn't wait to be on the move; she was rolling around all over the place within weeks of being part of the outside world.

She had so much disdain for sitting that she crawled before attempting to sit up.

As she grew her energy levels did, too; she learned to read while wriggling around, and got in trouble at school for never sitting still.

At the age of four she came hiking with me and, after ascending a mountain and setting up camp, she asked for a game of tag.

My daughter remains one of the most energetic people I know - and I have years worth of exhaustion levels to prove it.

This isn't science - there's no research to prove that a baby's behaviour in the womb has any bearing on their personality, waking times or habits after birth.

Instead, this is one of those good old-fashioned mother's instincts.

Friends of mine agree.

One said that her more spirited child was very active during pregnancy, while her second child was so still it was worrying, but remains chilled out to this day.

Another said her little one was seen with his arms crossed during each ultrasound, and still does this.

What science does tell us, though, is that pregnancy is still full of mysteries.

We know that babies can hear their parents' voices from in utero, and that they respond to mum's emotions.

But there's a lot we still don't know about what is going on in there.

Which just makes it all the more intriguing (and very magical).

The wonders of pregnancy really are never ending.

Every time I feel tired from trying to keep up with my daughter, I remember the little clues she gave me about her personality, before I even held her in my arms.

I wonder what little clues other babies send from the mysterious depths of the womb.

It might be interesting to listen carefully to those instincts, and see if the questions you have about your little one are answered after you meet face-to-face.