Reliable licensed tradies are your guarantee of a job well done

It always pays to make sure the person you have hired to undertake a particular job is certified or licensed to do the work you need.

These days a licence is hard-earned, comes with many hours of training attached, and means the path to a steady source of income for the qualified tradesperson. The license can also give you, as the customer or client, confidence in the work you are having done. You can ask your qualified tradesman to show you their licence to practice, on request.

It is the ideal time for Bendigo-area tradespeople to prepare

Victoria is on track to see the launch of mandatory registration of trades and licensing, taking effect in September this year.

The Bendigo area is among the state's most active regions for building activity.

Tradespeople conducting business in this area would be well advised to prepare themselves for new requirements while time is available.

The first group affected by the new registration requirement will be carpenters.

Registration and licensing of other priority trades will be phased in gradually in the coming years.

Currently in Victoria, registration is required when the builder or tradesperson carries out domestic projects directly for an owner and when that work is worth more than $10,000, including materials and labour.

"We have long advocated the introduction of domestic trades registration," CEO of Master Builders Victoria Rebecca Casson said.

"As the leading voice for the building and construction industry, we aim for continuous improvement of standards in our state."

What is changing?

Mandatory trades registration and licensing will introduce:

. Registration for tradespeople who run a business and subcontract to builders

. Licensing for trades who are employees.

What does this mean for me?

If you're a carpenter, Master Builders Victoria recommends you begin the process of getting registered as a Domestic Builder- limited to Carpentry.

Attending the five-day short course, 'Trade Registration (Domestic)', is an efficient way to build knowledge in important areas such as contracts, permits and estimating, and to obtain the qualification that's currently prescribed.

If you have carpenter subcontractors and/or employees, this is the perfect time to build awareness of the new requirement and encourage them to become Master Builders members to receive registration assistance.

For anyone who needs assistance, or seeks clarification on the new requirements and how best to achieve them, call Master Builders' Bendigo team on 0409 333 120.