Celebrate the Year of the Rat for Chinese New Year

As you may know, Lunar New Year has a history dating back thousands of years and is one of the oldest and most important traditions in Asian culture.

Chinese New Year 2020 begins on Saturday January 25, and you can say 'Gong Xi Fa Cai' meaning "The wish for prosperity in the new year".

It is celebrated widely by Asian communities all over the world, as well as our local and vibrant Chinese community in the Bendigo region.

Lunar New Year in 2020 heralds the Year of the Rat, the eleventh sign of the Chinese zodiac cycle.

While the rat has many negative terms, it ranks first on the Chinese zodiac signs.

It does have a host of admirable characteristics of an animal with spirit, wit, alertness, delicacy, flexibility and vitality.

People born in the year of the rat generally have rat-like characteristics and they are admirable qualities indeed. They are believed to be very industrious and thrifty, diligent and positive. They also love to collect things and have a keen intuition, and can foretell any danger.

Lunar New Year is the celebration of the beginning of autumn (in the southern hemisphere) as well as the New Year.

The autumn festival festivities for the new year take 15 days in most countries, and is often celebrated with dragon dances, lion dances, gift exchanging and fireworks.

Say 'Gong Xi Fa Cai' to your family and friends and you will have wished them prosperity in the New Year.

The Chinese festival marking the start of the new year, begins on the second new moon after the summer solstice and ends typically with lantern festivals fifteen days later.

It is marked by visits to family and friends, special meals, fireworks, and gift giving - in general it is a fabulous time to get together with family and friends.

No matter what the country, religion or race, New Year's Day is a time for family reunions, and reflection and for reaffirming bonds.

And did you know that in China, where the holiday is also called Spring Festival, the holiday can be traced as far back as the Shang Dynasty (1600-1046 BC). Plus...Lunar New Year is an important public holiday for many other countries including China, South Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Taiwan.

In many countries, Chinese communities celebrate in the city's 'Chinatown' districts, or if you're lucky enough to live in Bendigo, you're ensured a warm welcome for our local celebrations.

Community Celebration

Date: Saturday January 25, 2020 @ 7pm

Venue: Bendigo Dai Gum San precinct

Cost: Free

Phone: (03) 5441 5044