The advice is to get help to be fire ready and the best time is now

Bring your old fire pump in and we can give you an assessment on its viability and reliability.

Midland Irrigation

It is a well-known fact that Victoria is one of the most fire prone places in the world. But getting ready for a bush fire is easier than you think. The four simple steps to making your Bush Fire Survival Plan are: Discuss, Prepare, Know and Keep. Where you live is one of the things that determines if your home is at risk of bush fire, and what kind of fire you might experience.

When Midland Irrigation started stocking fire equipment the goal was to always have quality, reliable equipment on hand. They stock fire pumps that are easy to start with genuine Honda motors and quality hoses and nozzles that won't split or leak. You will also find a variety of fire fighting pumps, hoses and hose kits, nozzles, tanks, knapsacks and even trailer mounted fire units.

Being a Davey dealer, the business can offer the ever-reliable Davey Fire Fighter with a Honda GX160 engine or the GX200 on the Davey twin impeller Fire Fighter for higher pressure at very competitive pricing.

These products give customers peace of mind that in the event of a fire they will have quality equipment when it is required.

Along with the equipment, they stand by the extensive knowledge of their staff, and continue to provide training for their staff to be able to get your needs solved first time and allow you to achieve the result you are looking for. In the past, there have seen some devastating fires around the Bendigo region. It's not that long ago that we can all remember the devastating Black Saturday fires which had a huge impact on the community.

Midland Irrigation has been able to assist some of the residents in the Bendigo area after the these fires to get them back on track, whether it was replacing their house pump, fixing their pipework for troughs or fixing stormwater pipes to the tanks.

They pride themselves on being able to help customers when they are in need and to do it in a quick hassle-free manner.

The fully trained staff in the workshop are always on hand should you be experiencing difficulties with your old fire pump.

Midland Irrigation say to bring your old fire pump in and they can give you an assessment on its viability and reliability.

With back-up service second to none call into the store at 84-86 Strickland Rd Bendigo or contact the team on 54 425655 and discuss your needs with one of their mighty team.


Help protect your property and your family.

The best time to get bushfire ready, is now. Make a fire protection action plan, put it up where everyone can see it and ensure family members are well trained. In a fire, you'll be glad you did.

Davey's recommendations for effective fire pump management and maintenance are an important part of your fire protection action plan.




1. Know the machine: Ensure all members of the household know how to locate and operate attachments like inlet and outlet hoses to the fire pump.

2. Fuel - Petrol: Petrol has a limited life and can become 'stale'. Change the fuel every two months by running the pump or draining it of fuel. Better still, use a fuel stabiliser which will dramatically extend the life of the fuel (must be added when new fuel is purchased).

3. Fuel - Diesel: Has a longer shelf life but generally needs to be stored at low ambient temperatures. Expect diesel fuel to last 12 months or longer at an ambient temperature of 20oC, or six months at an ambient temperature of 30oC.

4. Engine oils: Engine manufacturers offer their own specially branded engine oils to best suit their engines. Synthetic multi-grade engine oil is NOT a suitable alternative. It is important to follow the manufacturer's engine lubrication recommendations.

5. Run engine regularly to ensure oil is well distributed around the moving parts. This provides best lubrication and a longer working life.

6. Ensure your pump set has adequate clean air access: Check and replace the air cleaner or filter per engine manufacturer recommendations.

7. Keep the engine cool: Ideally protect the pump from radiant heat in a flame proof enclosure, otherwise add a mist spray around the pump or its enclosure to aid cooling and humidify the air.

8. General maintenance regime: Regular checks will ensure fuel lines are in good condition and the recoil starter works. A regular service schedule is invaluable.

9. Check the plumbing: Investigate and maintain the water system.

10. Check for leaves, debris and sticks that can impede the inlet system. For permanent installations, a foot valve and strainer at the end of the suction line can overcome obstructions.

11. Checked for air leaks and that all gaskets and seals are in good order.

12. An underground ring main installed around your property with durable hydrant or standpipe outlets can give you much greater coverage.

13. Practice: A well-rehearsed and documented fire plan is critical to personal survival.

Don't wait for a bushfire, find the Davey pump that's right for you NOW.