Behaviour support can change lives is the advice from Amicus

For many individuals and families, behaviours of concern can lead to isolation, fear and stress; preventing normal life participation and interaction within their community.

"Families may be unable to cope with an individual's behaviour and will access respite. At times this respite is not able to be maintained and the family may relinquish care, a difficult situation that is often detrimental to the individual," Amicus Behaviour Support Services, Senior Behavioural Specialist Megan Phillips said.

Behaviours of concern can include but are not limited to self-harm, aggression and violence, property damage, socially and sexually inappropriate behaviour and interactions with police or the criminal justice system.

"People who engage in behaviours of concern are often trying to communicate something such as discomfort, confusion, or unmet needs, requiring assistance to communicate or navigate the situation" advises Megan.

All Amicus Behavioural Support practitioners are fully compliant and approved. Support includes a registered psychologist, experience and knowledge of the disability and health sectors and the local community, as they have undertaken additional training such as Applied Behaviour Analysis.

Anyone with concerns can call the office to obtain the information they require for this service.

The Amicus Behaviour Support Service team is located at 90 Queen Street, Bendigo and can be contacted on 03 5441 2666.