Big plans afoot after graduation ceremonies

A huge roar from the Class of 2019 almost raised the Ulumbarra roof when Principal Dale Pearce finally said: "Year 12, you are dismissed!"

So you have finally graduated and your school days are just about behind you. Congratulations! It is a bit sad leaving all the friends you have grown up with, as many will go on to find work, while others head off to tertiary education.

For students at BSSC graduation is a very special time. It's a milestone that means so much more than the end of their two-year VCE or VCAL journey at the college; it marks the culmination of 13 years of formal education, so BSSC makes sure the students have a week to remember.

It begins with the traditional Graduation Ceremony at the Ulumbarra Theatre where students dress in their finest and celebrate their achievements with family members, teachers and classmates.

To walk across the Ulumbarra stage, shake the Principal's hand, and receive their Alumni pin, is a memory students will have for life.

This year, the college again ran two ceremonies so that the maximum number of family members could attend and share in the celebrations.

This year also saw the first Graduation Alumni speech, with former student Scott Woodman (Class of 2014) speaking about his journey beyond BSSC and the benefits of being part of the BSSC alumni community.

Thursday morning saw students arrive early for the annual Last Day celebrations and fancy dress parade.

The array of costumes was once again spectacular as students partied the morning away with Alumni DJ, Reece Ahearn (Class of 2015), enjoyed a bacon and egg breakfast, tested their mettle on the Meltdown and bucking bull from The Zone, and then took part in the now traditional fashion parade on the Ulumbarra stage.

This year's costumes included everything from Star Wars storm troopers to Falkor from Neverending Story, but no one will forget Principal Dale Pearce as Fred Flintstone.

He praised the students both for their exemplary behaviour and the enthusiasm with which they entered into the spirit of the day.

A huge roar from the Class of 2019 almost raised the Ulumbarra roof when he finally said: "Year 12, you are dismissed!"