yergurl named as finalist in Triple J Unearthed High competition

If Bendigo musician yergurl wins the Triple J Unearthed High competition, she will know the music she puts out into the world is special.

After turning her focus to music at the beginning of 2017, yergurl – real name Fae Scott – just wanted to see if people were interested.

It turns out they are and following her first gig in July, yergurl was named a finalist in this year’s Unearthed High.

“I have been singing my whole life because my dad used to play in bands and is a singer, so my sister and I couldn't help it,” she said.

“When I started, I just put a song on Soundcloud and then a few more to see if it got any attention.

“When they started getting few listens, I thought ‘oh ok’ and I put stuff on Unearthed. It was very surprising but that’s when I knew it could be a career.”

yergurl discovered she was an Unearthed High finalist last Monday morning – it was also her birthday. 

“It was a great birthday present. I woke up and checked Instagram, saw I was announced and was amazed,” she said.

“I shared it on Facebook immediately. My mum already knew because she got up before me.

“Then I was driving back from a gig in Melbourne and heard myself on the radio. It was a bit surreal. Hearing myself talk about my songs was awkward.”

Armed with a laptop, microphone and midi recorder, yergurl creates her music in her bedroom, labeling it bedroom pop.

“My bedroom is basically my studio. I have my laptop, microphone and midi controller and that's it,” she said.

“I grew up on pop, so there’s not much other influence in my tastes.”

A win in this year’s Unearthed High contest would validate yergurls determination to establish a music career.

“It validates that what I’m doing is worth it and that people care about what I’m doing,” she said.

“That's good because when started I didn’t think anyone would care. It was for my own self expression. Now it's like other people are listening, I'm making people music for other people not just myself. I think if I win, I'll know there is something special there.”

For the rest of the year yergurl will focus on finishing year 12.

“I’m waiting to finish school and then want to do as many gigs and festivals as possible. I feel like festivals are my scene,” she said.

“Also, I’m hoping to get a manager and work to get my career kicking off.”

Triple J’s Unearthed High winner is announced this week.