Communities in central Victoria are digging deep to help farmers in need. Can you spare a gold coin?

It’s a classic case of true blue Aussie spirit –  people digging deep in tough times to help out the battler faring even worse.

This weekend you are likely to see support for farmers all around as good-hearted people pull out the stops to help cockies who are doing it tough.

It’s turned into a real community effort - both great and small. 

HIT91.9 Bendigo radio hosts Flick and Tim carried out 15 jobs in one day and raised $25,000.

Shaun Woodhead and Michelle Jordan will set up their cupcake stall outside the Golden Square Woolworths on Saturday. If you see them, spare a bit of change - they are also doing their bit.

Local pubs are running Parma for a Farmer, with $1 donated from every parmigiana going to rural aid programs.  

The farmers market at Castlemaine last week raised $812 for Rural Aid’s “Buy a Bale” campaign. The proceeds from the raffle at this weekend’s Bendigo market will do the same.

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Bunnings in Kangaroo Flat and Epsom on Friday threw a snag on their renowned barbies.

Yes, the call that has gone out far and wide has been answered – and big business has piled in too.

Woolworths - including the central Victorian branches - will donate the proceeds from their fresh food sales on Saturday to “Buy a Bale”.

Coles will match dollar-for-dollar every donation by customers during August to help the Country Women’s Association help drought-affected families cover household costs such as school expenses and food, medical, electricity and water bills.

Qantas and its customers will donate $3 million to help fund hay bales, water trucking, groceries and mental health counsellors for struggling farming communities.

Drought has hit parts of Queensland and News South Wales hard in the past three years and there’s a tough spring ahead for rural areas. For those struggling, every little bit will help.

So, this weekend eat, shop and help some Aussie battlers.

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