Epsom Primary School enters competition to win recycled plastic table

Students from Epsom Primary School have shown off their creative talent by decorating drawings with pictures of recyclable items for a national competition.

Held by Draffin Street Furniture, the winning school will receive a recycled plastic table.

Open to Grade 2 and 3 students, the school which receives the most likes on the company’s Facebook page will be declared the winner.

You can visit and like Epsom Primary School’s competition entry here.

Students decorated a template picture with items they found around the school or at home that can be recycled, with the aim of educating them about sustainability.

Epsom Primary School is the only school in Bendigo to enter and its visual arts specialist Gill Davey hoped the community would get behind the initiative.

The students spent a weekend decorating the drawings, and the school then uploaded them to the competition’s Facebook page.

First prize is a 12-seat recycled plastic table, second prize is an eight-seat table and third prize is a four-seat plastic table.

The Green Magpies

A student led group at Epsom Primary School aims to spread the word about sustainable living.

The recently formed Green Magpies is a group of students who are passionate and determined to embrace a culture of sustainable living.

Epsom Primary School visual arts specialist Gill Davey said sustainability was an important topic within the school’s community.

“We have a brand new school and we have been gifted with the opportunity to get our sustainability processes in place,” Mrs Davey said.

“This is something that is very important to us.

“We set up the Green Magpies, which is a group of students who are motivated to raise awareness around the school about sustainability.

“They have been looking at grants and different competitions which they can enter to raise money to increase our sustainability.

“The Green Magpies are more than keen to win one of the tables to show that our school has a focus on sustainability.”

The group conducts “bin audits” throughout the school and were integral for the introduction of organic waste bins in every classroom. 

The school has recently contacted the council to remove four red-lidded bins from its schoolyard as there is now less land fill waste produced on campus.

Earlier in the year the Green Magpies presented to staff and students from schools throughout the region at a sustainability summit held at Chewton Primary School where they discussed ideas for the future.

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