Bendigo Advertiser Letters to the Editor: Lake Tom Thumb rubbish and Greens' policies

Blight of rubbish dumped at Lake Tom Thumb

I walk my dog around Lake Tom Thumb quite often and decided to try the walking tracks on the opposite side of Averys Rd, Eaglehawk, as the bushy environment looked inviting.

We reached a point where the tracks meet only to find three large mounds of broken terracotta pipe had been dumped, spilling into the Eaglehawk Creek. 

I have contacted council and submitted photos of the rubbish but remain despairing of people in Bendigo who seem to think that the bush is their dumping ground. 

That view isn’t helped by council’s failure to require people who hoard large amounts of rubbish on nature strips to provide evidence of having taken their rubbish to the recycling centre, so they are free to dump it anywhere they please. 

When will people in Bendigo treat their beautiful environment with care and respect?

Maureen Peck, White Hills

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What is the cost of power under Greens’ policies?

I suppressed the urge to laugh when I read Michelle Goldsmith’s attempt to justify Greens’ policies (An ALP-Greens alliance could be welcome news, Letters to the Editor, Bendigo Advertiser, August 1). I then realised that the rising cost of living inflicted on people by policies based on the ideology of a party supported by just 10 per cent of the population is no laughing matter.

Consumers pay twice for electricity –  once by their taxes subsidizing the rich end of town like IGL and billionaire Saudi sheiks who invest in renewable energy because their obscene profits are guaranteed by gullible Australians, and again by rising retail prices resulting from these subsidies.  

I wonder how many people earning in the lower end of the income scale trying to pay their winter power bill will think that this is an example of economic fairness. Especially when they realise they are paying the highest power prices in the developed world. I’m sure they will realise such policies are regressive not progressive.

We have the same with gas, with a blind Greens ideology that states nothing should be extracted from the earth even if it benefits the nation. A moratorium and blanket bans on gas extraction is leading to shortages, and prices higher than that paid by the people we export this essential resource to.

The Greens are also hell bent on creating division in the country with another “pie in the sky” policy. Certain councils backed by Richard Di Natale, without consulting a broad range of their residents, refused to hold official Australia Celebrations on January 26.

This has permeated to our local council, which so far has lacked the direction and courage to inform the community where they stand on the issue for 2019. We have been informed well in advance that the Easter parade this year will last over for days, but we have yet to hear if council will hold official Australia celebrations in January.

David Arscott, Kangaroo Flat

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