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Because I don’t own a car and cannot afford a taxi fare I have to order my grocery shopping online.

I order my groceries through Woolworths.

I am outraged that since Woolworths has done away with plastic bags I now have to pay $1 for the “reuseable” bags with my order.

The other option is paying $3.50 for the deliveryman to place the groceries on my bench (from a crate without a bag). 

That’s too expensive.

Whichever option I choose I am being ripped off.

Companies such as Woolworths and Coles don’t care about the environment. They just want to rip off the consumer and make a profit.

Charging for bags is another way to do it.

I am all for saving the environment and believe we should do everything in our power to do so but ripping me off isn’t going to save it.   

Thank you Woolies and Coles for finding another way to rip off customers.

Your grocery prices are already too high and unfair and now you are charging unfair amounts for the way groceries are delivered.

Angela Morrissey, Eaglehawk

Penalty no deterrent

Not only is the death sentence ludicrously ineffective as a deterrent, but it appears to foster violence on a scale that is elsewhere only ever seen in times of war.

Since 1976, 1477 people have been executed in the US, yet between 2005 and 2015, guns caused the deaths of a staggering 301,797 people (while terrorist attacks killed just 94 people in the same period).  

At the same time, since 1973, 162 people in 26 US states have been wrongly convicted and sentenced to death and then been exonerated.

Instead of getting tougher on crime, logic demands that we get smarter in the way that we rehabilitate offenders while reducing the triggers that lead to offending, rather than fall into the chaos that is the United States justice system.

Pat Hockey, Castlemaine

Benders it is

Bendigo has been known as “Benders” for as long as I’ve been getting about (at least 50 years). It is more likely to be heard from country folk in the surrounding districts than locals.

John Cahill, Emu Creek

Land use win

Congratulations to the Carter family of Marong well done to you in your win against “City Hall”. One would think you must be emotionally drained and financially disadvantaged after such a long battle.

Heather Newton, Kangaroo Flat

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