Winter in Bendigo usually means frosty mornings it's true, but the payoff is warm sunny afternoons when she's at her best.

Ahhhh, you’ve come for a visit! 

There’s no better place to hang out, play tourist, or bug the relatives, than our sunny Bendigo. Even on the coldest winter mornings, the promise of a sunny afternoon is always there; we’re like that year in and year out!

To find out some fabulous things to see and do, head for the Bendigo Advertiser’s Out & About magazine Here.

You will be impressed with all there is on offer, and as long as you have your warm woolly hat and scarf, you’re all set to take in the sights.

What sights? Well, you can’t miss our glorious Pall Mall, which is the ‘front’ for one of the most beautiful gardens in any city, anywhere. Rosalind Park has many entry points and you can find unusual trees, kept alive all through the drought, the cascades, the old police lockup, and the lookout tower on top of Rosalind Park. 

Would you rather be a softy and consider more indoor options? Maybe a tram ride, a trip underground at the Central Deborah Gold Mine, or a walk around the Bendigo Pottery museum?

Or a guided tour under the Shamrock Hotel, or a stroll around the Art Gallery in View Street?

Okay, you get the picture eh?

Our attractive attractions are always open, they are just waiting for you to show up. Enjoy your visit, and come back again soon.