Girton Grammar's Peter Pan opens at Ulumbarra Theatre on Thursday

Girton Grammar School’s production of Peter Pan will take off at Ulumbarra Theatre on Thursday night.

Featuring more than 150 students in the cast and crew, the show is one of the most ambitious undertaken by the school.

Director Nick Pease has the characters of Peter, Wendy, John and Micheal flying about the stage in combination with other impressive visual elements.

A giant pirate ship, LED screens, multimedia projections and an enormous mobile crocodile, operated by four students also feature in the show.

Lucy Mills, who plays Peter Pan, said the production was an enjoyable experience.

“It’s a very cool show but it is also fun to do,” she said.

“Flying is incredible, it’s even better than you imagine it. We had five or so (flying) rehearsals to get comfortable and learn some tricks.

“Combined with the set and lighting, it looks spectacular.

“But the crocodile is absolutely my favourite thing about the show.”

Girton’s take on the original play will be a little darker than audiences are accustomed to but the show is still packed with action and humour.

After opening last night, the will also perform tonight and tomorrow night.

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