Elmore will be the first town within The City of Greater Bendigo to become single-use plastic bag free

Elmore will be the first town within The City of Greater Bendigo to become single-use plastic bag free.

Elmore Progress Association member Jennifer Crust said it was a great achievement to be the first town within COGB to stop using single-use plastic bags.

“To be leading the way is great,” Mrs Crust said.

“We are all aware of the damages plastic bags cause to the environment and we all have a responsibility as citizens of our planet.” 

Mrs Crust said it was not a difficult process for the community to stop providing single-use plastic bags.

“Everyone throughout Elmore has been very keen on the idea and we thought now would be a good time to go plastic free,” Mrs Crust said.

“All of the businesses have been enthusiastic and have come on board.”

Elmore IGA owner Lance Mitchell said the store had been single-use plastic bag free for the last six weeks.

“The state government was leading the charge so we decided to get on board early and start the change,” Mr Mitchell said.

“Majority of the customers have received the change well as it’s a great initiative and will be highly beneficial for the environment.”

The store will provide a more sustainable form of bag which can be purchased for a small fee and will also provide boxes for customers to carry their groceries.

After July 1, two national supermarkets will no longer supply single-use plastic bags, enticing customers to use a more sustainable and environmentally friendly option.

Elmore Bakery’s Nathan Bowes said it was a great initiative for the town.

“Everyone needs to do their part for the environment,” Mr Bowes said

“Single-use plastic bags have become a real issue.

“To be involved in trying to cut down on wastage is a great thing for the town.”

Once the town becomes single-use plastic bag free residents and shoppers will be supplied with a paper substitute or will need to provide their own alternative.

Loddon Mallee Waste and Resource Recovery Group project officer Trinity Mawson said a growing number of towns throughout Victoria had become plastic bag free.

“However, Elmore can stand proudly as the first town within the COGB to embrace plastic free status,” Mr Mawson said.

“Elmore should see this as a fantastic opportunity to further it’s reputation as a  dynamic and enticing town.”

To celebrate the achievement there will be a community launch at Campaspe Run on Friday June 15 at 10:30am.

The launch will include a morning tea provided by the Elmore Bakery.

The goal is for no single-use plastic bags to be distributed by Elmore businesses after the launch.