Rochester community launches the Tiger Bikes sharing program

A community-led bike share program in Rochester is on the lookout for more bicycles to help get the initiative up and running.

Tiger Bikes coordinator Justin Cleary said if anyone within the community was able to donate an old bike to the program it would be much appreciated.

“We are currently trying to get more bikes for the program,” Mr Cleary said.

“We will aim to have four pick-up points around Rochester where you can access the bikes and it’s all going to be free of charge.

“After the closure of Murray Goulburn it’s time to step up and promote the positive aspects of the town.”

Mr Cleary suggested having information attached to the bike showcasing the key features of the town, a form of self-guided tourism.

“The main thing is the bikes will be great for when tourists come up to Rochester and they want to get around the town,” he said.

“We have an ideal location for cycling with no hills and a path down by the river.”

The town has a long history with bikes as champion cyclist Sir Hubert Opperman was born there in 1904 and his last bicycle is permanently housed in the Oppy Museum located in Rochester.

If you have any old bikes or parts you wish to donate to assist Tiger Bikes please contact Justin Cleary on 0409 800 678.