Unbelievable Book Blog begun

Demi Murdoch has read every kids’ book in her parents house at least three times.

Aged 8, Demi is a voracious reader.

At 7.30pm, she’ll normally go to bed. At 9.30pm, she’s often still reading, says her mum, Laura Murdoch.

And despite having an entire two bookshelves upstairs filled to the brim, Demi is running out of ideas. 

Six weeks ago, she decided decided to do something about it.

Demi created the ‘Unbelievable Book Blog’, to review her favourite reads. She’s already shown it to her class, who thought it was “pretty cool”.

Now, she’s hoping to get other kids involved.

The blog features snapshots of Demi’s favourite books, peopled by pirates, faeries and monsters.

Demi is “not really sure” exactly why she likes it so much, but it is definitely her favourite thing to do.

“I just like seeing all the fun and adventurous things that characters do in books,” she said.

Demi likes reading so much, that she even writes her own books. Their house is filled with paper ‘Choose your own adventures’ she has made, says grandma Faye Peattie.

Those visiting the blog can expect a taste of adventure, mystery and humour, Demi’s favourite genres.

So far her reviews include: ‘Polly and Buster’, by Sally Rippin, ‘The Extremely Inconvenient Adventures of Bronte Nettlestone’ by Jaclyn Moriarty, and ‘The Witching Hours’ by Jack Henseleit.

“Basically, she has read everything upstairs three times over, and she thought, she needs some more ideas of other books… so it was a matter of just getting ideas of other books,” Ms Murdoch said.

“She wants to get other kids to read and get on and give her some ideas, and give them some ideas as well.”

Demi is now looking to share her idea further afield.

She’s hoping to have a few more kids visit the website, to comment with some ideas for her, and to get a few ideas themselves.

“I want people to put some comments, a summary of a book they’ve read down, and… I might have a look around, and see if I can find that book,” she said.