Police let down by drink drivers during long weekend operation

Bendigo police detected seven drink drivers, one drug driver and issued 45 speeding fines over the Queen’s Birthday weekend.

Across the state 227 drink drivers were detected as part of Operation Regal where Victoria Police conducted more than 137,400 preliminary breath tests and 2051 roadside drugs tests over the long weekend.

Road Policing Command Assistant Commissioner Doug Fryer said he was concerned by the number of drink and drug drivers on the road.

“One in every 605 drivers was over the limit and one in every 14 motorists tested for drugs returned a positive result,” he said.

“We’ve seen the impact drugs and alcohol have on our roads so to get behind the wheel impaired, I just don’t get it.

“Over 540 motorists were also picked up for being disqualified, suspended or unlicensed.”

The long weekend also ended in tragedy with five Victorians dying on the roads including a motorcyclist aged in his 50s when he collided with a car near Heathcote on Monday.

More than 8500 offences were detected during Operation Regal including:

  • 227 disqualified/suspended drivers
  • 347 unlicensed drivers
  • 817 unregistered vehicles
  • 3124 speeding offences
  • 341 mobile phone offences
  • 670 disobey signs/signals
  • 63 vehicle impounds
  • 256 seat belt offences