Classic HD and HR Holdens on display in Bendigo CBD

Holdens lined Bendigo streets on Saturday for the HD HR Holden Nationals.

Classic cars from the 1960s era of Holden cars were on display with some original, untouched vehicles lined up alongside some highly modified HD and HR Holdens.

HD HR Car Club of Victoria president Troy Fitzpatrick said Bendigo was looking better than he hoped for.

“We knew the Bendigo streets were picturesque but with the autumn trees it has made it even more enjoyable and inviting,” he said.

“A lot of people were a bit wary about the weather but once it cleared up there was warmth in the sun and it was a great day.”

It was the first time the HD HR Holden Nationals had been held in Bendigo with almost 140 cars joining the event.

Holden enthusiasts also toured the region visiting townships and places of interest.

The HD HR Holden Nationals began in 2002. It is the fourth time Victoria has hosted.

“Each year (the nationals) rotate between the states,” Mr Fitzpatrick said.

“We choose other parts of Victoria based on the facilities for families and places of interest as well as  having somewhere to have the cars set up for a show.

“Bendigo fit all out criteria, so we thought it was time to give it a crack.”

St Andrews Avenue and Lyttleton Terrace were filled with car enthusiasts examine the engines, bodies, interiors and details of each Holden.

Mr Fitzpatrick said the nostalgia of the HD or HR Holden made them very popular.

“When you think back at their availability and purchase price, only a certain percentage of people could afford them,” he said.

“But as time went on, their price dropped and they became first cars for a new generation. That’s what brings people out.

“The people here would be in that time frame where a HD or HR was their first car.”

Holdens from all over Australia travelled to Bendigo for the national event.

“There are a couple from Western Australia that were carried on a trailer more than 3000km to get here,” Mr Fitzpatrick said.

“Some are from Tasmania and one bloke, who stores his car in Australia and lives in New Zealand, come across for it.”

On Sunday, the event toured to Marong, Maldon and Castlemaine, finishing with lunch at a private Holden collection in Metcalfe.