Tennis Australia gives students racquets

Preppies around Bendigo are enjoying a hit of tennis, with a new tennis racquet of their very own.

Over 500 students received the racquets as part of ANZ Tennis Hot Shots and Tennis Australia’s School Partnership Program.

Among them are the 104 preps at Kennington Primary School.

Since the program began at the school, every prep at the school has received a racquet of their own. 

“It’s fantastic for the sport, and it’s also fantastic for the kids,” said Luke Monaghan, Assistant Principal.

“It’s a great sport that promotes what we’re trying to promote at the school.

“It’s their racquet to have, so hopefully they’re using it at weekends, and whenever they can.”

Students at Kennington all play tennis during physical education, as part of Tennis Australia’s School Partnership Program.

Local primary schools involved include St Francis of the Fields, Epsom, Specimen Hill, Holy Rosary, Kangaroo Flat, St Monica’s, St Joseph’s and California Gully.