HDFNL – Elmore hungry for breakthrough victory ahead of Saints’ clash

LEADER: Elmore coach Danny Brewster. The Bloods host Heathcote on Saturday in a clash of the Heathcote District league's two bottom sides. The Bloods are 0-7, while the Saints are 1-6 heading into Saturday. Picture: DARREN HOWE

LEADER: Elmore coach Danny Brewster. The Bloods host Heathcote on Saturday in a clash of the Heathcote District league's two bottom sides. The Bloods are 0-7, while the Saints are 1-6 heading into Saturday. Picture: DARREN HOWE

FRESH from a bye and playing on its home ground against one of the fellow battling sides in the Heathcote District league.

Opportunity is knocking for Elmore on Saturday to register its first win of the year when it hosts Heathcote to round out the first half of the season.

“We go into every game thinking we are a chance if we play to our potential, but coming up against another side that looks like it’s struggling with injuries like we are, then I suppose it gives you a little more confidence,” Elmore coach Danny Brewster said on Friday.

“But you’ve still got to go out and produce your best footy to get the result and that’s what we’ll be aiming to do. We’ve got some plans in place for Saturday and if we can execute for four quarters we’ll give ourselves a chance.”

Elmore and Heathcote fill the bottom two rungs on the ladder.

The Bloods at 0-7 are the only team in the competition yet to win a game, while the Saints are 1-6.

Such have been the hidings the Bloods and Saints have been on the end of so far this year, both their percentages are below 40.

Elmore last won a game in round 16 last year at the expense of an inaccurate Heathcote when it won 14.11 (95) to 8.20 (68).

Despite the season having ticked into June and the Bloods still to breakthrough for their first win in both the seniors and reserves, Brewster says the vibe around the club is positive.

“It’s still really good. We’re playing a lot of kids and when you have that enthusiasm of bringing in new players each week, that’s really positive,” Brewster said.

“Obviously, nothing helps the vibe around the club more than a win. We’re aiming to get that first one and when it comes, hopefully, we can get on a bit of a roll.”

Not helping the Bloods’ cause going forward in 2018 is season-ending injuries to two of their most consistent players this year in ruckman Jack Hayes and the promising Bailey Boyack.

“Jack snapped two ligaments in his ankle playing inter-league and Bailey broke his wrist last game,” Brewster said.

“Jack is our No.1 ruckman, so it hurts not having him, but we have some good coverage for him in Nick Page.

“And Bailey is one of the best 18-year-old kids in the competition when he’s up and running and was just starting to hit some really good form.

“It’s a shame we’re going to be missing him for the last half of the year.”

• Saturday’s games – Elmore v Heathcote, North Bendigo v Colbinabbin, LBU v Leitchville-Gunbower, White Hills v Mount Pleasant. Huntly bye.




B: K. Cornell, Z. Laffy, T. Poole

HB: H. Coghill, J. Harney, T. Oliver

C: M.  Nettlefold, M.  Gilmour, J.  Trewick

HF: T. Hughes, D. Laffy, J. Harney

F: B. Makepeace, D. Brewster, A. Munro

R: N. Page, L. Price, N. Kellow

Int: M. Thomson, A. Cuthbert, N. Brewster, J. Grogan


B: T. Bourke, R. Carmichael, G. Delany

HB: J. Kelly, N. Bake, A. Romagnano

C: D.  Hardy, J.  Condon, J.  Brooks

HF: T. Pain, B. Connelly, B. Klemke

F: L. Bell, A. McIvor, L. Piccolo

R: D. Russell, M. Millard, D. McLean

Int: J. Baker, J. Paisley, D. King, B. Morgan, K. Seidel

In: N. Bake, L. Bell, A. Romagnano, M. Millard

Out: A. Williamson, N. Tobin, C. Obst, V. Romagnano


North Bendigo

B: M. Thalasinos, W. Gunter, R. Alford

HB: A. Craig, D. Morris, L. Ford

C: T.  Devereaux, J.  Mills, T.  Metherell

HF: R. Threlfall, D. Richards, J. Ford

F: T. Findlay, S. Christopher, B. Knight

R: T. Kelm, J. Findlay, S. Morris

Int: B. Thomson, S. Giri, B. Ryan-Storey, C. Tardrew, B. Robertson

In: B. Ryan-Storey


B: D. Price, M. McEvoy, T. O'Dwyer

HB: D. Hill, D. Carmody, H. Barlow

C: S.  Hill, M.  Bright, A.  Van Ruiswyk

HF: C. Ford, E. Bowen, L. Ezard

F: R. Hon, T. Hill, C. Horsley

R: M. McEvoy, S. Vale, M. Battista

Int: H. Sirett, W. Lowe, N. Knight, N. Nixon

In: N. Nixon, E. Bowen

Out: P. O'Brien, X. Walsh


Lockington Bamawm United

B: B. Phillips, J. Gibbs, L. Collins

HB: J. Wolfe, T. Leech, J. Mundie

C: X.  Kelly, F.  Monahan, J.  Felmingham

HF: S. Newton, T. Phillips, N. Dyson

F: R. Walsh, J. Howlett, K. Oliver

R: L. Main, M. Angove, J. Brown

Int: M. Dobson, W. Hobbs, S. Stewart, G. Broad

In: S. Stewart, J. Howlett, K. Oliver, M. Dobson

Out: J. Bacon,  W. Pressnell,  S. Wolfe,  Z. Johnston 

Leitchville Gunbower

B: B. Ladson, H. Bussey, J. Donehue

HB: S. Turvey, R. Prendergast, B. Hore

C: D.  Couwenberg, M.  Ladson, T.  Lincoln

HF: L. Prout, D. Coates, M. Pollock

F: M. Pilcher, J. Vandongen, M. Perri

R: R. De Groot, J. Gleeson, L. Guinan

Int: B. Cooke, L. Pollock, L. Sieben, B. Walsh

In: M. Perri, L. Sieben, B. Walsh, M. Pilcher

Out: J. Hawken, M. McEwen, B. Gelletly, J. Kervin


White Hills

B: J. Avery, A. Bigham, R. Irwin

HB: K. Gellatly, B. Hogan, O. Geary

C: G.  Bowles, M.  Curtis, D.  Fulton

HF: J. Allport, D. Wright, B. Parnell

F: J. Waldron, K. Bedford, D. Trull

R: J. Maher, R. Dickens, J. Ibbeson-Coatsworth

Int: R. Bowles, T. Kilcullen, B. Vaughan-Spruce, J. Clark

Mount Pleasant

B: M. Keuken, C. Black, D. Young

HB: T. Griffin, C. Moore, F. Cole

C: M.  Fitzgerald, H.  Steinfort, N.  Butler

HF: N. Edwards, S. Spijkerman, E. Ratcliffe

F: M. Bennett, J. Quirk, B. Weightman

R: J. Connelly, C. Trotman, T. Pontell

Int: J. Tuohey, C. Smith, J. Philbrick, C. Thiesz

In: T. Griffin

Out: A. Hand