LVFNL – “Super Saturday” in crucial round eight of matches

Newbridge coach Brad Comer. Picture: ADAM BOURKE
Newbridge coach Brad Comer. Picture: ADAM BOURKE

SATURDAY is shaping up as one of the rounds of the season in what is a Loddon Valley competition that is proving a tipster’s nightmare.

It’s a round that has a “Super Saturday” feel about it given the top four teams all play each other, six meets seventh with the chance to climb into the top five, while the bottom two sides get the opportunity to post their second wins.

It’s champ v challenger at Newbridge when this year’s flag favourite, the Maroons, host defending premier Calivil United.

The Maroons have key forward Rhys Ford back in the side in what is a timely inclusion for not only a big game, but also on the back of fellow forward Sam Mildren’s suspension this week.

The Maroons are riding a five-game winning streak, but take on what is a rejuvenated Demons side that after starting its premiership defence 1-3 has had two solid victories in a row against Pyramid Hill and Maiden Gully YCW, who also lock horns in round eight.

Neither of the Bulldogs or Eagles made finals last year, but both have set themselves up for not only a return to the business end of this season, but also the double chance in which Saturday’s game will be another key step towards.

The Bulldogs at 6-1 sit on top of the ladder, while the 5-1 Eagles are third as they pursue their first finals appearance since 2011.

The Loddon Valley league has become accustomed to Bridgewater sitting at the pointy end of the ladder – since 2010 the Mean Machine has spent 138 of the past 151 ladders in the top three, and 94 in topspot.

Yet the Mean Machine is languishing with a 2-4 record, the same as their opponent Bears Lagoon-Serpentine ahead of their crucial tussle at Serpentine where the winner will be back in the top five by 5pm, while the loser will be left with plenty of work to do.

And at Marong both the Panthers and Inglewood will chase their second wins of the season as both enter the round at 1-5.

• Ladder:

Pyramid Hill – 6-1

Newbridge – 5-1

Maiden Gully YCW – 5-1

Calivil United – 3-3

Mitiamo – 3-4

Bridgewater – 2-4

BL-Serpentine – 2-4

Marong – 1-5

Inglewood – 1-5




B: B. Quin, D. Blume, P. Ryan

HB: B. Pyper, J. Griffin, B. Pollock

C: A.  Collins, S.  Harvey, P.  Gretgrix

HF: B. Gray, C. Fleming, C. Williamson

F: Z. Turnbull, C. Ross, W. Gadsden

R: J. Hynes, B. Franzini, J. Fitzpatrick

Int: F. Millar, J. Michielsen, T. Rhook, T. Wilson

In: P. Ryan, B. Quin, C. Ross

Out: T. Longford,  J. Ede,  L. Frankel 


B: D. Rose, S. Williams, P. Hartney

HB: J. Hartney, S. Harris, J. Starr

C: L.  Drummond, R.  McNish , J.  Kenny

HF: N. Barry, P. McKay, N. McNish

F: D. Lloyd, J. Nevins, N. Wharton

R: N. Leach, S. Barnes, B. Evans

Int: S. Essex, J. Billett, R. Baldwin, J. Leach


Bears Lagoon Serpentine 

B: J. Bish, D. Hayes, S. Bowles

HB: Z. Stone, O. Crilly-Downing, J. Walsh

C: J.  Podosky, N.  Arthur, J.  Murley

HF: J. Walker-Corbet, A. Gladman, N. Twigg

F: N. McNally, J. Rippingale, C. Gunn

R: J. Laird, C. Gadsden, H. Gadsden

Int: A. Lewin, B. McKinley, K. Paxton, B. Sheahan


B: J. Symons, D. Nalder, M. Bourke

HB: T. Nalder, , J. Rusbridge

C: A.  Powell, L.  Jacques, N.  Jennings

HF: Z. Smyth, J. Metherell, S. Everington

F: B. Galea, D. Clutton, L. Mangan

R: , K. Chant, T. Broadbent

Int: C. Stewart, J. Naughton, D. Harrison, J. McNair, T. Mckinley, T. Estrada

In: J. Naughton, J. McNair, T. Mckinley, T. Estrada, D. Clutton

Out: B. Rohde, L. Harrison, D. Jones, J. Mayes, P. Rothacker



B: B. Price, E. Coulthard, A. Farrow

HB: J. Fowler, R. Burt, C. Mclean

C: B.  Mustafa, A.  Code, A.  Mayo

HF: Z. Heaslip, T. Romeril, B. Comer

F: B. Josey, J. Gilboy, R. Ford

R: C. Toohey, T. Horne, N. Bacon

Int: K. Cavallaro, W. Daly, A. Fithall, J. Cavallaro

In: W. Daly, K. Cavallaro, R. Ford

Out: S. Mildren,  S. Kennedy,  J. Prior 

Calivil United 

B: L. Moss, J. Somerville, C. Sanders

HB: M. Magee, A. Davis, S. Brinsmead

C: C.  Smith, B.  Rogers, W. Miller

HF: H. Miller, D. Rogers, B. Fraser

F: V. Rodi, L. McAllister, P. Bogers

R: C. Down, J. Lawry, K. Hoggins

Int: L. Watson, K. Padula, J. Lea, A. Dennis


Pyramid Hill 

B: M. Bateman, D. Tonkin, B. Driscoll

HB: M. Klein-Breteler, R. Thiesz, A. Dobby

C: E.  Caburnay, J.  Hickmott, B.  Goodwin

HF: G. James, S. Gunther, P. Micevski

F: M. Cheesman, N. Fitzpatrick, L. Lowndes

R: A. Holland, B. Micevski, T. Sala

Int: C. Milroy, J. Woodward, R. Brown, G. James

Maiden Gully YCW Eagles 

B: B. Graham, C. Kekich, M. Walsh

HB: H. McCartney, J. Robinson, C. Rohde

C: N.  Waterson, M.  Dean, B.  Aitken

HF: J. Coatsworth, E. Naylor, T. Ferguson

F: S. Moyle, M. Higgs, N. McLaren

R: C. Angove, L. Gray, T. Harrington

Int: J. Klemm, M. Collins, L. Ross, W. Mitrovic