Bendigo musician Daniel Aaron performs at Groovin the Moo Bendigo

Triple J unearthed artist Daniel Aaron thought he was going to be nervous for his set at Groovin the Moo.

But the Pyramid Hill musician said he was in the zone.

"It went so fast but it felt like it was a bit of a sign that I really want to do this. It confirmed it," he said.

The 18-year-old Aaron is a looping artist meaning he plays all the parts for his songs live and runs them through technology that repeats them on stage.

Aaron's set featured three songs - including his new single Running Backwards - that he built on stage for a good sized crowd.

"There was a fairly decent crowd early. A lot were coming for the early and lunch time acts, it was really good," he said.

Aaron had some fun with the crowd, involving them in his music and even throwing some merchandise out to the people in the front row.

"I tried to make it as fun and as special as I could for me and for them," he said.

GTM's early acts

The loop artist arrived bright and early to make sure he would be ready for his 11.40am slot.

"It was an interesting morning. My manager and I were here early to give us plenty of time to prepare and get my head around it," he said.

"This is my first experience with a festival like this and the level of professionalism is amazing.

"But it is all done now and I can enjoy the festival."

Backstage, Aaron had a chance to meet and chat with artists whose music he had followed.

"Ocean Alley, Skeggs and a few others were around," he said.

"I was keen to see Ocean Alley and Winston Surfshirt and Alex Lahey."

Daniel Aaron's last rehearsal before GTM

For bands considering taking the next step in the music career, Aaron said to go to a big effort.

"Just embrace it. Make the most of your chances," he said.

"For an emerging artist, (a festival like GTM) can be a crucial step, so go to the effort and make the most of it."