Truck wedged stuck under railway bridge in Kangaroo Flat


Senior Constable Bianca Cola said the driver of the rental truck had misjudged the height of the bridge.

“The truck is out now and as far as we can tell there is no damage to the bridge but the V/Line techs are having a look now,” she said.

“The low clearances on all the bridges in Bendigo are something people need to be aware of.

“If you’re driving a rental truck you should be aware of its height.”


The truck has been removed from the bridge.

Police have blocked off Chapel Street, Kangaroo Flat while the tow truck drivers work.

Police expect Chapel Street to be closed for another 30 minutes.


A truck has become stuck under a railway bridge in Kangaroo Flat.

The incident occurred on Chapel Street, Kangaroo Flat, near Railway Street, on Tuesday afternoon.

One lane is blocked as a result.

Police are in attendance and directing traffic through the area.

V/Line staff is on the scene to assist.

A tow truck is preparing to extract the truck.

No one appears to be injured.

This isn’t a first-time – or even second-time – incident for the Chapel Street bridge.

In July last year, the driver of a 3.7-metre vehicle did not heed signs stating the bridge’s clearance height was just 3.4 metres.

In October, it happened again.

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