Two car collision on McIvor Highway Bendigo

Emergency services were called to the scene of a two car collision at the intersection of McIvor Road, Sternberg and Kennedy streets in Bendigo.

Leading Senior Constable Todd Deary of Bendigo Highway Patrol said the driver of a white utility turned into the path of an oncoming vehicle.

“The driver of a white utility travelling towards Bendigo along McIvor Highway, went to do a right turn into Kennedy Street and turned into the path of another car that was heading East on the highway,” the Leading Senior Constable said.

“Straight failing to give way at an intersection. No one has been injured and no one will be going to hospital.”

The driver of the white utility will be issued with an infringement for failing to give way.

According to VicRoads the penalty for failing to give way at an intersection is $277 and 3 demerit points.