International Women's Day show focuses on issues faced by women.

TWO Bendigo friends have combined their talents for a live theatre show that will be performed on International Women’s Day.

Vicki Simmons and Wendy Lennon have written and performed their own material since 2000.

Each year they write a new play to celebrate International Women’s Day.

This year’s effort Enough is Enough continues to focus on the issues women face in society but with a 21st century twist.

“There is bits about how to keep up with so many social media accounts, the ridiculous reality TV that we watch and plastic surgery versus natural beauty,” Vicki said.

“We cover so many things and because we have known each other for 30 years it is really conversational comedy.

“It is always about things women can relate to.”

Vicki and Wendy met at Tafe while completing a diploma of welfare.

“We met as students, continued as friends and have done lots of things together,” Vicki said.

“We have run workshops for and worked women and used to run retreats for women. While doing that someone said we should write a play.

“So we sat down and had a couple glasses of wine and thought ‘why not’. It was so much more involved than what we thought it would be.”

It has been four years the pair shared the stage.

“The last time we said no more but we both decided we really enjoyed the process of writing the plays,” Vicki said.

“Our first play was at the Old Fire Station for a gold coin donation.”

During their theatrical careers, Vicki and Wendy have also performed at a women’s prison.

“It was great, they were very receptive,” Vicki said. “Someone who was a prison warden at Tarrengower saw our show and asked us to perform there.We felt very welcomed.”

Vicki Simmons and Wendy Lennon perform in Enough is Enough at the Engine Room in View Street at 8pm on Thursday, March 8.

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