Bendigo snake catcher Chris Page releases baby Eastern Brown snakes back into the bush at Ascot

Ten hatchling Eastern Brown snakes have been released into the bush following a surprise discovery in an Epsom industrial zone.

Chris Page, of TZR Reptiles and Wildlife, said he received a call from a contractor who had spotted a number of the baby snakes in a water pit on Monday. 

“He counted five,” Chris said.

“Even when I got there you could barely see any of them.”

Upon climbing down into the pit, the licensed snake catcher realised there were an additional five hatchlings.

He took to social media to highlight the importance of a measured response to snakes.

“There have been a few posts coming out on Facebook asking for identification on small snakes like this, with the black, and a lot of people giving wrong information,” Chris said.

He urged people to seek expert advice and to call a licensed catcher in the event they came across a snake.

Chris said baby Eastern Brown snakes were just as dangerous as their adult counterparts.

He was hopeful sharing his knowledge and talking viewers through the snakes’ return to the bush would help address some fears and raise awareness of how best to respond if people encountered a snake.