White supremacist group targets Bendigo university campus

A white supremacist group is trying to recruit members in Bendigo.

Signs from the neo-Nazi group ‘Antipodean Resistance’ were plastered at La Trobe University Bendigo and near Bendigo South East College at the weekend.

University security and Kennington residents were quick to remove the posters.

The posters appeared as new and returning university students arrived on campus for the first time this year.

Head of La Trobe University’s Bendigo campus Rob Stephenson said he became aware of the posters on Sunday morning.

“We became aware of a relatively small number of posters on campus and on other properties in the area,” he said.

“A number have been taken down and security removed others they could find.

“Police have been advised.” 

Tertiary education campuses in Footscray and Ballarat were also targeted on the same weekend.

The same neo-Nazi group held a three-day ‘radicalisation camp’ in the Grampians National Park  last year.

Antipodean Resistance documented its camp via pictures on social media and a brief YouTube video.

The group’s website stated the Grampians trip was designed to test their ability to hike with minimal food and equipment.

Antipodean Resistance previously held combat training camps in the Dandenong Ranges and near Mount Beerburrum in Queensland.

The neo-Nazis also placed swastikas on Parks Victoria signage in the Grampians.

Melbourne-based group

Antipodean Resistance has little available history prior to 2016.

Its website was registered anonymously by a company in the United States in November 2016 and contains hidden text that declares “Hitler did nothing wrong”.

The group has previously claimed responsibility for putting up posters at universities in Melbourne telling Chinese students they would be deported if they entered certain areas.

The group has also uploaded images of its members putting up posters in Melbourne claiming legalising same-sex marriage would lead to paedophilia being normalised.

Antipodean Resistance has been contacted for comment.

‘We believe in Adolf Hitler’ 

An Antipodean Resistance spokesperson told Fairfax Media last year the group was a serious neo-Nazi organisation.

“We are a 'literal neo-nazi group' in that we believe in what Adolf Hitler stood for and we fight for the National Socialist cause,” the spokesperson said.

“As for your implications that we embrace genocide, that is a very one-sided view of history.’