Local dancers to feature in touring dance production SK!N

SIXTEEN local dancers will perform with a production that visits Bendigo next week.

SK!N is a dance show about migration and how some people can freely cross borders while others have their movements restricted.

Robbie Brassington is one of the dancers who will feature in the Bendigo show. 

He said being involved would be a fantastic experience for the dancers as well as the audience members.

“It’s not the sort of show where you go to admire the dancing and the sets,” he said.

“This show is the sort of thing where afterwards audience members will want to talk to someone about it without wanting to spoil it. It is definitely world building.

“I’m so passionate about it. I love what the (show creators) have done, how it is structured and way its been meticulously planned.”

SK!N involves the audience in the show with it being described as an immersive and participatory event.

Audience members will be led to outdoor locations near the venue and are encouraged to travel light and wear comfortable clothing appropriate to local weather conditions.

“It really is completely inclusive. It’s more that as an audience member, you’re a part of the journey and the show just by being there,” Brassington said.

“To even get to the performance area, there is a process for everyone to go to. 

“You get a bit of a lens moment of seeing how as Australians you can cross any border but some other people, because of where born, don't have that freedom. It makes you think about that.”

The sixteen local dancers also have been given the opportunity to perform with the show during its Melbourne season the week after Bendigo.

“The creators said they wanted extra (performers) for Melbourne and had enjoyed working with us, so they invited us,” Brassington said.

“For Bendigo dancers, some who are amateurs, to do a Melbourne show and effectively tour with (the show) is fantastic.

“It’s an opportunity younger dancers to be involved in (something professional).

“I love that this work is structured to include and incoroprate local communities.”

SK!N is on at the Engine Room in View Street from March 1 to 3 at 9pm and March 3 at 6pm.

The performance goes for 80 minutes. For details log on to www.thecapital.com.au/Whats_On/SKN 

SK!N is a production jointly funded by the City of Greater Bendigo and Multicultural Arts Victoria and is part of the 2018 Regional Centre for Culture.