Police warn of scams in Bendigo area

Bendigo police are warning of two scams that members of the community have reported recently.

In one, scammers claim they are from the Australian Tax Office or Centrelink.

They tell their intended victims that if they are not able to pay debts to the agencies by credit card, they can do so by way of iTunes vouchers or supermarket cards instead.

They have reportedly even offered to pick up the cards under the guise of saving their victims the need to post them.

In the other attempt at deception, offenders make an offer to purchase goods online, then tell the seller that they need to be sent money in order to release the full amount owing from money transfer companies or to pay a pre-sale tax.

Police say those selling goods online should never transfer money to a prospective buyer.

Counterfeit cash discovered in Bendigo last year have also made their way across the border.

Police found the counterfeit $50 notes while at a Deniliquin address earlier this month.

The notes have blue and white Chinese characters printed over the clear window.

Two of these notes were handed to Bendigo businesses in October.