Kookaburra's death prompts DELWP warning to turn over injured native animals to wildlife shelters

Environmental authorities are imploring people who come across sick or injured native animals to contact wildlife shelters immediately, following the death of a kookaburra in Bendigo. 

The underweight animal with a poorly healed broken wing was turned over to a veterinary hospital and then to a wildlife shelter, where it was euthanised. 

The bird’s wings were clipped, which Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning wildlife officer Georgia de Salis said indicated someone may have tried keeping it as a pet. 

There was also damage to the bird’s tail feathers, a sign it was kept in a cage. 

“It’s possible someone found the injured bird and took it home to care for it or keep it as a pet before realising they didn’t know how to take care of it,” Ms de Salis said. 

“While we understand people may have good intentions when trying to care for injured native wildlife, it is essential that if you find a native animal that is orphaned, sick or injured, please call DELWP on 136 186 or one of the wildlife rehabilitation organisations listed on DELWP’s website at www.wildlife.vic.gov.au.”

The case was passed on to DELWP for investigation, but the department said it exhausted all lines of inquiry and still did not know the identity bird’s keeper.