Bendigo SES on scene after a large vehicle clips balcony, causing a partial collapse

UPDATE: The footpath underneath the balcony on Pall Mall has been blocked and pedestrians have been diverted to a temporary walkway.

The site has been cordoned off with temporary fencing to prevent access.

More to come.

EARLIER: Bendigo SES crews are directing traffic on Pall Mall after a balcony partially collapse earlier in the evening.

The building is a Bendigo Tafe building at the corner of Mundy and McCrae streets.

It is believed a large vehicle clipped the balcony, causing the collapse before driving away.

SES crew leader Natalie Stanway said emergency services were called to the scene at 6.45pm.

“It came through as building damage twice, which indicated it was likely it was a vehicle collision,” she said.

“The gentlemen that met us on scene said a large vehicle had clipped it.”

SES is waiting for council representatives to inspect the scene.

“We have had a preliminary inspection but are waiting for the person in charge to make a decision as what needs to be done,” Ms Stanway said.

“Our equipment isn’t high enough to prop up that veranda, so we are hoping they will get some contractors in.”

No one is in the building or neighbouring buildings.

Ms Stanway said motorist should make sure they are aware of the new law that means vehicles must slow to 40kmh when passing emergency vehicles with lights on.

“There have been a couple of moments where we have felt nervous about drivers’ behaviour,” she said.

“We would like to remind people that it is now the law and they should adhere to that.”