Sixteen CFA crews descend on Redesdale to fight grass fire that is not yet under control

UPDATE: The fire was brought under control at 4.45pm.

A watch and act remain in place during the early even.

EARLIER: As many as 16 CFA trucks are heading to a grass and scrub fire in Redesdale this afternoon, with emergency services warning the blaze is not yet under control.

Firefighters were called to the five-hectare fire on Lyell Lane shortly after 4pm.

Firefighting aircrafts were also called in to help contain the damage. 

Crews from Malmsbury, Axedale, Taradale, Sedgwick, Redesdale, Mosquito Creek, Elphinstone, Metcalfe, Sutton Grange, Mia Mia and Junortoun are attending.  

While a CFA spokeswoman said there was no immediate threat to the community, people nearby were being asked to stay informed about the latest developments, monitor weather conditions and keep roads clear so emergency services could respond.