Bendigo Advertiser letters to the editor

I grew up in Bendigo in the 70s then lived in Melbourne for the next 30 years. I visited "home", that is Bendigo, at least 10 times a year often with several others in tow and for extended periods of time. Perhaps you could market Bendigo CBD for what it is: A big beautiful provincial country city. It is a gem. Get rid of paid parking in the CBD. I always avoid the CBD when I return for this very reason. We all want a relaxing outing, or a quick zip around to different shops but are blocked with the hassle of having to keep filling metres. I loathe it so don’t bother. I recently chose Albury Wodonga to relocate to. I love it: Fantastic big provincial city feel. No parking metres exist and it has the same big shopping centre like Market Place away from the CBD. 

Guess what? Everyone still flocks to the CBD in droves to meet, chill, wander, shop, eat, drink....ratepaying public feel ripped off having to empty pockets to park in their own city streets. 

It leaves a really bad taste, is highly inconvenient to say the least and equals a bad outcome for everyone. The icing on the cake is the stress of "have I copped a massive parking fine I am 2 minutes late!!" Give us a break.

You may surely even capitalize on the upsurge of tourists finally discovering Bendigo to boot! Give it a trial Bendigo council. See if it’s worth it...I flock to Albury CBD with all my visitors in tow. Love it. But didn't bother as much for 30 years in Bendigo and only one negative factor altered this! Dreaded paid parking.

Kitty Mac, Wodonga

Widening a waste of funds

The previous mayor shouts out for the Sedgwick Road to be widened at an estimated cost of two million dollars.  

Looks like a call to fund the lifestyle of the wealthy to me.  Yes, council have an obligation to assist all residents in the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, however let’s not waste funds where alternatives are available.  Is it absolutely imperative the cyclist use the Sedgwick Road?  

I think not, alternatives are available.  Is it safe to swim at Gunnamatta beach when unpatrolled? No, so residents of Phillip Island swim elsewhere.  Simple analogy but common sense.

How about council put their portion of the estimated funds towards a scholarship scheme that supports local underprivileged young adults through an undergraduate degree at Latrobe University or an Apprentership through BRIT?  The benefits are enormous in relation to building futures for those who are underprivileged, breaking the poverty cycle, reducing crime, building social inclusion and capital, and supporting our local tertiary education providers.  A road to nowhere for the wealthy or a road to a bright future for the underprivileged? 

Darren Wiseman, Mandurang

Surprised by stance

This week’s story on the Liberal's upcoming preselection of a candidate for Bendigo East has a very surprising comment by the present Member, Jacinta Allan. She falsely claims that Victoria is safe, and that we have the toughest bail laws in the country: well excuse me but the latest bail laws haven't taken effect yet and the youth control orders and loopholes in Labor's 'toughest bail laws' mean that many violent offenders do not receive any conviction or custodial sentence in line with community expectation.  Not even for assaulting police officers. So spare us your righteous indignation Jacinta:  we all know better.

Helen Leach, Bendigo