Superheroes drop in to cheer up kids at Bendigo Health

If crime ever takes a vacation, two superheroes will be able to take jobs as window cleaners.

Batman and Spider-Man united to bring a smile to the faces of patients in the Bendigo Health Children’s Ward on Thursday.

Window cleaners Matthew and Blake from Metropolitan Window Cleaning can usually be seen hanging from the Royal Children’s Hospital but decided to visit Bendigo.

Four-year-old Jake Malone was excited to see Batman.

“Batman fights all the bad guys and the doctors told me he was coming. They were so good,” he said.

Jake’s mother Erin said it was a good distraction for the young patients.

“Jake was beside himself when he heard what was happening,” she said. “He was eager to see the superheroes.”

On the street, the sight of Spider-Man and Batman abseiling down the side of the hospital stopped many passers-by.

As they entertained kids through the windows, people also watched the show from the footpath below.