Coliban Water to renew 73-year-old water main in Campbells Creek

A 73-year-old water main in Campbells Creek has burst four times in the last three weeks.

The water main supplying Diamond Gully Road, Lemon Street and Honeycomb Road in Campbells Creek was originally installed in 1945 and is scheduled for renewel works later in the year.

A Coliban Water spokeswoman said about 50 residences were impacted by the water supply interruptions.

“Due to the recent supply interruptions we have immediately begun planning works to install a valve on the Lemon Street water main that will help to limit impact on residents if a future burst occurs,” the spokeswoman said.

“We have also begun planning, design and installation works to renew the water main that supplies Diamond Gully Road, Lemon Street and Honeycomb Road by the end of this financial year.”

Changes in water pressure in the network, ground movement or a water main reaching the end of its useful life can contribute to causing bursts in water mains.

“When one section of burst water main is repaired and refilled with water, a second burst can often occur due to changes in pressure inside the pipe,” the spokeswoman said.

“However it is unusual for more than two bursts to occur on the same water main in a short period of time.”

There have been six cases of interruptions impacting on some residents’ water supply in the Campbells Creek area in the past three weeks.

In late January, water main bursts also occurred on Ajax Road and Moscript Street in Campbells Creek.

“We will be contacting customers in the coming week with information about the recent interruptions to their water supply and the future works,” the spokeswoman said.

“We are committed to minimising impact on residents where possible and thank residents for speaking with us about the interruptions and for their patience.”