BSSC ensures a fun start to the year for VCE students

Preparing to start VCE can feel daunting.

But Bendigo Senior Secondary College helped its students eased into their first week of school with a mini amusement park set up at the school on Wednesday.

The Blast Off Week event saw The Zone take over the schoolyard at lunch and aims to make student’s leap into VCE more comfortable.

“It’s about making that leap forward (into VCE) a bit more comfortable,” event co-ordinator and teacher Marc Lewon said.

“We try and engage the students a little bit with whats on offer at the school vis-a-vis things like health and well being, services they can use at the school and in the community as well as trying to encourage students to be active.

“On Friday we finish off the week with a free barbecue lunch in the Ulumbarra Plaza with live music.”