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Need for another pool, upgrade in White Hills

Over the Australia Day weekend we took the grandkids to the White Hills Swimming Pool, which is very well maintained and controlled presumably by volunteers. But I feel that there is a need for an intermediate pool to cover everybody safely.

I was wondering with all this money being splashed around opposite the pool and the back of the White Hills Primary School, which has caused another problem, I am wondering if there has been any money set aside to add another pool and upgrade that area?

Getting back to the White Hills Primary School one of the largest and busiest schools in Bendigo with the redevelopment that is taking place a lot off parking space has been lost to assist parents dropping off or picking up children to and from school.

At least the school has done something positive by making parking space in the school grounds for staff to park, freeing up space for parents.

But once again we see this council dragging the chain when it comes to parking and safety, you can send your traffic inspectors down there and take photos of cars not parked in proper areas, but when is the council going to remove the dangerous one-way bridge that is causing traffic jams and congestion around the school.

The other area of concern is the tall plant growth on the roundabout of Raglan and Plumridge streets makes it difficult for drivers being able to see traffic from all directions.

The council could put a bridge over the creek in Scott Street, the only time there was a problem was when it rained the road flooded, and once the water subsided it was OK.

But the problem with the one-way bridge is a major problem and concern every school day. When will the safety of the students be given some support?

Ivan Kitt, Bendigo

No one’s interpretation of life is perfect

Different people tend to view and interpret life in different ways.

Some of the interpretations may be better than others, but none of them is perfect.

Individuals, who have similar view, or background tend to join into groups.

They believe that their views are best and trying to enforce them on other people.

This can lead to friction and animosity between different races, nations, social classes and religions.

We are being dominated by natural instincts and animal like fighting has been going on since the beginning of human race.

The civilization is only skin deep and weapons are becoming more sophisticated and destructive.

We have to produce arms for our protection, but keep them under control.

If they get in wrong hands, they can cause great loss of human lives.

Jiri Kolenaty, Rushworth

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