Bendigo Advertiser letters to the editor

Kennel project complete

On behalf of our committee of management and volunteers, Bendigo Animal Welfare & Community Services would like to say thank you to the state government for funding support to allow us to expand our kennel facilities at our shelter. 

Now completed, the expansion means we can now offer more disadvantaged pet owners, including those in situations of crisis such as domestic violence, homelessness and illness, the care their pets need in times of crisis. 

Thank you also to the agencies we work with that provided letters of support for our funding application. 

Working together, we address the needs of not only clients but their much loved pets as well.  

Debbie Edwards, president, Bendigo Animal Welfare & Community Services

Where are the women?

I’ve just opened the front page of your Australia Day edition to see a photo of seven wonderful community members who have been recognised by our nation for their fantastic contributions to our region.  

Straight away, though, it hit me that this photo included no women. Not a single one.

Let’s ensure that our women and our men are equally recognised in future.

Anne Murray, Kennington

Citizens award surprises

When you receive a citizens award on Australia Day that you have no idea you are nominated for, it is a huge surprise and honor.

That was me at Kangaroo Flat.

I was speechless and couldn't think of anyone to thank due to the shock and surprise that it was my details and name being read out.

Thank you to Tim and Andy from the Kangaroo Flat Scout Group and the Lions Club of Kangaroo Flat for my award. 

Julie Armstrong, Golden Square

Democracy non-existent

Democracy under this LNP government is one big joke, and a very bad one at that, except for the mega wealthy and powerful, but for the rest of the Australian society, well, we continue to be treated like idiots. 

I am talking about this latest trade deal, you know, the one that is so good for Australia, this mob wont even give all Australians the details except that it is going to "eventually", that is if it is not another dud like many previously, increase our national income by 0.5 per cent per year in the future. What in 10 years. Whoopee.

Why don't you show us the detail. Do we know what's in the detail, no we don't, so why is it going to be any different than the previous deals that have seen us being screwed on a regular occasion.

No, democracy, and true representation in Australia is dead and buried.

Just like this secretive LNP government will be, whenever we go to the polls. 

Ken Price, Eaglehawk

A lucrative business

We are being taken for fools. 

Some people are hacking computers, or using them for shady schemes.

Others are selling us protection, or repairing the hacked computers.

I believe that they could make computers safer, if they really wanted to.

But it is a lucrative business, which is benefiting many people.

Our computers are safe, as long as we keep paying the protection money.

Jiri Kolenaty, Rushworth 

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