Bendigo twins prepare for their first day at primary school

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If there were any nerves for twin brothers Jack and Will Kirchhofer on the eve of their first day at school, they were not letting them show.   

The two boys, aged five, got a sneak peek inside their Epsom Primary School classroom on Monday, just hours before embarking on seven years of primary education.

Will said he was most excited about playing matching pairs with his brother on the classroom’s colourful cushions. 

The boys also hoped they would get a chance to ply their artistic skills at school.

“We do some painting at home,” Jack said. 

Prep students are not the only new additions at Epsom Primary School this year. 

Jack and Will Kirchhofer. Picture: MARK KEARNEY

Jack and Will Kirchhofer. Picture: MARK KEARNEY

Teachers got access to a brand new building just days ago and a revamped uniform will also be rolled out across the school in 2018.  

The boys’ mother, Mel Kirchhofer, said four orientation days last year readied her sons for primary school. 

Her life was about to change dramatically; not only were the twins beginning school, but her four-year-old son would also start kindergarten this year.

First step to dream jobs

Twin girls Phoenix and Maisy Giacomelli will start their education adventure at Golden Square Primary School tomorrow.

Maisy, who is an aspiring astronaut, was most excited for English lessons and reading time.

Phoenix hoped her time at school would help her become a hairdresser. 

The girls’ father, Paul, said the occasion “crept up really quick”.

“They grow up right in front of your eyes,” he said.