'Appallingly stupid': Couple fined for chasing and bashing a man in Maiden Gully in front of their young child

A LONG Gully couple bashed a man after chasing him in their car through residential streets in Maiden Gully – all in front of their seven-month-old child.

Jarred Robert Lambie, 27, and Martika Cook, 27, pleaded guilty in the Bendigo Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday to reckless assault and other charges.

Witnesses spotted Lambie chasing another car down Carolyn Way in his Toyota Hilux at 11am on August 29, with Cook in the passenger seat and their child in the back seat.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Cherree Blair said the parties were known to each other, and the dispute may have stemmed from an argument about their respective children.

Lambie mounted the roundabout at the intersection with Beckhams Road and cut off the other vehicle, before leaving the car to confront the driver.

The driver – the only occupant of the other car – sped away and Lambie gave chase again.

Witnesses told police both cars were far in excess of the 50 kilometres per hour limit in the area as they turned into Monsants Road and headed towards Edwards Road.

A witness also told police they heard Lambie shout that he’s “just got to kill this c***”.

Lambie followed the car into Stephen Court, a dead end, where the victim turned around and attempted to drive out of the street. Lambie’s vehicle collided with its rear causing it to spin 180 degrees.

The cars missed two council workers by about two metres as they sped into the court.

The victim left his car and Lambie confronted him, punching him to the head and face before the two men fell to the ground and wrestled.

Cook became involved to attempt to break up the fight but then took “a few cheap shots” while the victim was on the ground, according to witnesses.

Police arrived and the victim was taken to hospital with cuts and bruises to his face and head.

Lambie told police the victim had thrown the first punch.

The court heard Lambie was “embarrassed” by the incident and when asked for an explanation, he said he “lost the plot”.

Magistrate Jonathan Klestadt said the conduct of Lambie and Cook was “appallingly stupid”.

“You put yourself, your co-accused and your child’s lives at risk by driving in this appalling way,” he said.

“I don’t accept your version of events that this was some sort of consensual fight.

“It’s quite clear that your victim was trying to get away.”

Lambie was convicted and fined $1500 for the assault offences and $1500 for the driving offences. His licence was cancelled and he was disqualified from driving for 12 months.

Cook was convicted and fined $1500 for her role in the fight.