Victoria’s Rail Revival Alliance may field a number of candidates in state election

Victoria’s Rail Revival Alliance believes it will play a significant part in the upcoming state election, particularly in regional seats like Bendigo.

The lobby group late last year announced it would challenge public transport minister Jacinta Allan for the seat of Bendigo East.

However, it has since softened its stance, suggesting it could support a candidate with a pro-rail policy.

“We may run candidates in targeted seats where our votes will do the most good, or we may run candidates in the Victorian Upper House,” Rail Revival Alliance president Noel Laidlaw said. 

Describing the transport-related performance of the labor government as “lacklustre” and “uninspired”, Mr Laidlaw said the sate's transport resources have been chewed up by removing level crossings in Melbourne, leaving regional areas neglected.

“The deficiencies in country rail are glaring.

“The previous labor government promised to restore the passenger service to Mildura and to Leongatha  over two elections and then turned their back on the promises and the electors of Victoria. Since then, nothing has happened."

Mr Laidlaw took aim at transport minister Jacinta Allan, claiming she has not engaged properly with pro-rail groups over the past two years.

A spokesperson for Bendigo East MP Jacinta Allan said: “We brought the Turnbull government kicking and screaming to the table to deliver the Regional Rail Revival which will provide an upgrade to every regional line.”

“We’ve added additional services across the network and we’re planning for the future to bring high-speed rail to the regions.

“We know we’ve got more to do – and we’ll work hard every day between now and November talking to local communities about what we’ve done and our plans for the future.”