Bendigo Advertiser letters to the editor

Thank you, Bendigo Health

Several weeks back I spent a considerable amount of time in the care of Bendigo Health after a major operation for bowel cancer which necessitated removal of part of my bowel.

Things did not go well as I became very ill. People of Bendigo generally take it for granted that we have a good hospital. After what I went through I found out that we here in Bendigo have a world-class hospital staffed by some of the best doctors and nurses in Australia.

I am writing this as it is the only way that I can sincerely thank all staff for their dedication, skills, compassion courtesy and compassion while caring for me. To the staff of the I.C.U. where I had to spend some time, a big thank you for virtually saving my life. The accomplishments of all combined now have  me home and well on the way back to a normal lifestyle.

Thank you.

Rex Nancarrow, Bendigo

Process questions

It's hard to see how Council's legal team can justify the enormous bill for the High Court challenge (which the Court refused to look at) and when the whole process - including the frustration of residents - could have been avoided if the application had been treated by Council in the correct and proper manner in the first place.

Helen Leach, Bendigo

Acknowledging faith 

Over the Christmas period many residents in Bendigo and surrounding areas have excelled in decorating their homes and gardens with twinkling lights and tinsel, cartoon characters, and of course Santa and his reindeer.  

One can't help but acknowledge the effort and the expense involved in setting up their displays.  But amongst all the glitter and the excessive power bills, it’s hard to find any displays depicting the core reason to remember and celebrate Christmas, the birth of a babe(Jesus) in Bethlehem 2000 years ago.  But all is not lost.  For many years, the balcony of the Eaglehawk Town Hall has had on display at Christmas time, as a visual reminder, a nativity scene depicting the characters who were part of that historical event.

Initially the task of erecting the display was in the hands of the former Eaglehawk Mayoress Muriel Roy and friends, and at a later date members of the Eaglehawk Rotary Club took over that responsibility and have faithfully carried out the task to this day.  

They are to be truly commended for their diligence.  In our ever increasingly fractured secular society, we can never be reminded too often, that the Babe in the manger who became the Christ on the cross is the key to the world’s moral and spiritual redemption.

This letter has been written in association with the Elders of the Eaglehawk Presbyterian church,  Allan Bull and Bill Gray.

Frank Salmon, Eaglehawk

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